Signs That Your Dog Is Pregnant


Pregnancy is one of the most delicate period for dogs. Owners want to make sure everything will go smooth as possible from carrying the baby up to their delivery. For that matter, it is important for dog owners to know as early as possible if their dog is pregnant in order for them to make the necessary changes to fit their preference and needs. Let us look at a few signs to help you determine if you dog is pregnant.


Appetite Changes

Dogs often experience some appetite changes through pregnancy. Some dogs may also experience morning sickness which leads to them vomiting a little. This can be a good indication that your dog is pregnant. Dog owners should avoid increasing their food ration prematurely but instead do this in the final third of pregnancy. The reason behind this is that it becomes much harder to tell if the dog’s enlarged abdomen is the result of fetuses taking up room, or fat.


Their Energy Levels


Another good indicator that you dog is pregnant can be seen with their energy levels. Pregnant dogs experience may exhaustion because of changes with their hormone levels to support a growing embryo. As such, owners may notice that their dogs spend more time resting resulting to a sudden decrease in activity.


Change in Behavior

Pregnant dogs may experience a few behavioral changes owners may have not seen before. For instance, some dogs may become very affectionate while others turn a little grumpy and prefer to remain by themselves. It is important for owners to understand what their dog is going through especially since these changes tend to show as early as a few days after a successful breeding.


Body Changes


A dog’s enlarged abdomen is considered to be one of the most evident sign that your dog is pregnant. With that being said, these changes don’t show up right away. It can take about 4 to 5 weeks before their waist begins to thicken and her tummy fills out.


Visit Your Vet

We’ve mentioned a few signs you can use to tell if your dog is expecting birth. If you see any of the signs mentioned above, don’t take them for granted. Make sure to take the extra steps in scheduling a visit with your vet. This in turn ensures safe and hassle free delivery with your pregnant dogs while at the same time also results to healthy new puppies. If things don’t go as planned, they usually advice you about memorials like LCMEMORIALS.